In The Loop

            I remember one day when my son was young, he asked me what I did for a living. When I explained what a plumber does, he thought I was Mario from the video games, I never bothered to correct him. I open with this story for a number of reasons, but mostly to pass off some of the knowledge that it’s pretty unknown what plumbers do. We show up at your home, seem to stick our heads into some pipes for a bit, and presto, your shower works again. It’s a little like magic, but it’s mostly just knowing what needs to go where, and ensuring that it gets there. I am a third generation plumber, and I work for the company that my grandfather started. I have been lifting and looking at pipes for the majority of my life, and my son will probably follow in my footsteps as well, and one day he can be Mario.

Though plumbing is something I enjoy, and it takes a fair bit of my day, I have always wanted a spot where I could write my thoughts, feelings, and professional stories from my experiences in the plumbing industry. It may not be the most riveting blog out there, but for those who have been living or working in the plumbing world, it may be something that you can relate to, or even simply use to pass the time. I have been thinking a lot about the future of my plumbing company, and where I would like to take it from here. Of course the standard pipe fixes and drain unclogging will always be there, but I can’t help but wonder what’s around the next corner for my service. Where should I go to now?

It has been eleven years now that I have been working in the plumbing industry, and I suppose that’s why I decided to call this blog Loop 12, that it’s another flip over the calendar pages, and wondering where this spin on the clock is going to go. It may seem like I’m rambling at this point, and perhaps I am, but it’s a curiosity that I have faced a fair bit and always has me wondering. From the last point in my professional career, I have expanded my business surroundings, upgrade dour office space, and made it so that we can take on more of a workload, yet it’s all for the same reasons, to provide the same list of services, and I know there is more that we can do.

So perhaps I pose it to you? As fellow practitioners of the plumbing arts, where did you bring your business? What do you think is the next logical step for us to take? Perhaps if I find an idea good enough, I may just adopt it, or at least learn more about it and see what we can do. If jumping in a tube and rescuing a princess from an angry turtle was an option, my son would love that.