Watching the Tube

            After rereading my first blog post here, I realized I went on a bit of a ramble when it came to thinking about the future of my plumbing company. And I realized that it may have come across as my lamenting my particular career path. So I wanted to start off this post by correcting some of the potential misinterpretations of what I was trying to say. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my work anymore, in fact I very much like the work I do, it’s that I feel that there needs to be a dramatic shift in what services I offer if I truly want to stand out in this market. I’m not content just being the owner of another plumbing company that offers all the same things that all the other companies offer. I want to bring something unique and new to the landscape, and to be the company that offers what other’s simply don’t.

I’m not sure what that extension of services will be yet, and I keep looking around at what other companies have been doing to set themselves apart. I recently came across a website for a local company and saw some of the many different business offerings they bring, and it made me kind of envious. I’m not often the person to sit there going “Now why didn’t I think of that?” but looking at their site, that’s the exact line that came to my mind. It’s weird to be envious of another company simply because they had a better idea than you, at least to have it first. And I feel no animosity for them, in fact I wish them the best in what they do. And I realize that by putting their link in my blog, that I may even be directing more potential customers to their door. But my company doesn’t lack customers, just new ideas.

When it comes to the successes of other companies, even “rival” ones, I’m all for them being as successful as possible. I believe that if they have the capability to succeed, and to do so well, that my company has the same chances when I come up with my own unique ideas. My plan of brainstorming so far has been to make a mental map of all the inner workings of plumbing in ones home or business, and looking at all the items either connected or adjacent to it, and thinking “What can I do to bring my services there as well?” Thus far I have come up with a few ideas, that I have been looking into, and in the meantime I keep thinking of other ones that may make future appearances. In the meantime, I follow more websites, window shop for ideas so to speak. I congratulate companies like for their ingenuity, and I wish them all the success in the future. Soon I’m sure they will be looking at my site and asking themselves the same questions I was.