More Than Pipe Dreams

            Since the last time I updated in here, I have had quite a few ideas that have not only come through my own thoughts, but have also heard from some of the people reading my blogs. Of course there were some ideas that aren’t worth talking about on a family friendly blog, but others have brought some seriously good ideas. It leads me to think that maybe I just lack in the inventiveness department. But a few of the ideas were ones that I could seriously look into as a business owner. To be able to bring these ideas to light and get the necessary training in place to begin offering them to the local area.

It’s exciting to have this new invigoration behind my business offerings, to be excited for the customers to have even more options available from my business, and to be able to bring an entirely new look to the face of my business. I have made the necessary phone calls now to find out more about costs for training and new materials, and how much it would take to get all of my guys trained on new and inventive ideas. I cannot thank the readers enough or their suggestions, and when it comes to fruition I will be sure to share the credit where it’s due. No matter where I go from now, and whether or not this new venture succeeds, giving it a try is the least I can do. To say that I gave it my best, succeed or fail.

After all, I think that’s the most important thing for any company, or business venture, to say that you have at least given it your best. From this point forward, I will be using this space to keep you updated on the various things that I have been putting into place, how the new services are working, and whether or not they will remain on my list of services permanently. I even need to thank for giving me that little jolt of jealousy that I needed to really get behind my own ideas. It doesn’t matter where we go from here, as long as we go forward.

I’m excited for the client base that I’ve collected over the years as well, to know that the company that they’ve grown accustomed to, and grown to trust over the years is continually on the lookout for new and innovative ways to bring them more and better services, to know that they can rely on us to bring them more than they bargain for. And to know that I do all of this for them. Yes, my business may reap financial gain from it, but in the end it’s through the services provided that they have access to the best that I can bring them. I won’t say the best in the area, because there are a lot of great companies out there, but I am to be the best I can, and for my business to be the same.